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I guess what is happening here is that your fax modem on the PC is “hearing” the CNG tones generated by the fax machine when the call is initiated. Most fax machines don’t send the calling tone (CNG tone) when you manually send the fax, that is, you pick up the handset and type in the number and listen for the other fax machine to answer, when it does, you hit the send button and hang up the handset. You can try that and see if it makes a difference with WinFax PRO. If it works, then it is the CNG tone that it is picking up.

You can try a few things:
1. change the connection so the fax modem is connected to another physical jack (not a T adapter with with the fax machine)
2. Disable the CNG tones on the fax machine (see your Richo manual) might pose a problem for some fax machines that require the CNG tone to route a fax call.
3. Determine the type of fax modem installed on the PC and disable the listening of CNG tones (might not be possible). You need to know what type of fax modem you have first, and if its configured as Class 1 or Class 2/2.0.