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@MatthewHS wrote:

Thanks for the reply. Using your numbering –

1. Do you mean use a separate dedicated line, or just a different type of jack that still accesses the same line?

a separate dedicated line will solve the problem but I meant to try a different (separate) jack for the fax machine. I assume you have them both plugged into the same jack using a splitter of some type.

2.Ricoh tech support says that the fax machine (3800L) cannot disable the CNG tone. Sending manually using the handset was suggested but not practical since I have multiple recipents for each fax.

3. According to USRobotics tech support, my modem (5699B) does not have the ability to stop listening.

This is so strange because everything worked fine BEFORE I had to reinstall WinFax.

could your US Robotics been setup as Class 2.0 previously? I believe by default these modems are set to class 1 during installation.