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@v3locity wrote:

Will all modems that support class 2 work better with winfax? The modem I’m currently using is class 1 only. Winfax locks up everytime someone connects at a low baud rate like 9600. It gets stuck receiving without ever receiving anything. I read that rockwell chipsets work better also. I’m currently using a zoom with a conex chipset.

no, not always. Class 2 and Class 2.0 are not the same. If your modem supports class 2, its likely several years old. Some work fine with WinFax, some may present problems due to the fact that Class 2 was never an official standard. Class 2.0 is an official standard, and you’re likely better off with a Class 2.0 setting if your modem supports it.

Receiving problems can be the result of many different issues. One common issue is the modem setup, (class setup, modem initialization string) etc.