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@nnishp wrote:

I am using the winfax printer to generat faxes from another peice of software. I want these fax pages to have my company logo on them in a pre defined place. Im thinking some sort of template so that when i send my document to the winfax printer it automatically puts the logo in its place before sending. Any ideas? Thanks

WinFax PRO 10 supports this option, but only with Windows 9x. It is not supported in Windows XP/2000
The feature is called “Letterhead” and you can save an attachment as a Letterhead, and it will be used as a template for additional faxes you create with WinFax PRO.

I assume you’re using Windows 2000 or XP — you might want to look at something called “watermarking” this allows you to place an image overtop an existing picture or fax image.

Not sure which packages support the WinFax (FXS) format, but that’s a start.

You might want to see if your software package you are using with WinFax can add the logo first before you print your document to WinFax.

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