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ok , if you can’t print all faxes then you’ve got a problem with your printer driver conflicting with WinFax. Post more details about what type of printer you are using.

If you only have a problem with one specific fax, and other faxes print ok, then here is what you can do to correct the problem with that fax:

1. Open the fax in the WinFax Fax Viewer.
2. Click on File, Print.
3. Instead of selecting your actual Printer, select the WinFax Printer.
4. When the WinFax PRO dialog appears, click on File, Save As Attachment.
5. Save the Fax as an attachment file. (FXM file if a multiple page fax)
6. Open this same attachment you just saved in the WinFax Viewer.
7. Click on File, Print, and print the fax to your printer.