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According to Symantec there is no limit. At least that was the response from them prior to version 10.02

With that kind of volume of sending, the status*.* files in the data directory (where the outbox, sendlog and receive log entries are stored) grow larger and larger with each entry into the outbox. These status*.* files are known to grow and do not shrink when you delete events from the Send or Receive log. Eventually, you’ll run into problems with the log structure and you’ll find WinFax slowing down.

The best solution is to move items you need to keep into archive folders that are stored in message stores saved in a different directory structure.

Then, remove all your status*.* files in the DATA directory (move them somewhere else). Restart WinFax and the Controller they will be created again with the initial file sizes.

Rebuilding the logs using the Maintenance tool also does work sometimes, but there is no guarantee.