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this has been a reported problem with this modem and WinFax. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any solution to this. It may be occuring because the modem is receiving faxes in LOW/STANDARD 200×100 resolution, and this is causing a problem in WinFax. Faxes received from memory in FINE/HIGH 200×200 resolution may be working. Unfortunately you cannot control the resolution of faxes being received so this is not a solution only a possible reason why the problems exists when receiving some faxes and not all.

Try sending yourself a fax when computer is off, and try both FINE and STANDARD resolutions to determine if the problem is specific to a received fax resolution.

p.s. 10.04 does not fix any modem issues, only fax sharing in Windows XP SP2 in non-mixed fax sharing networks.

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