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Faxing over a VoIP connection can be very tricky and unless your VoIP provider supports Faxing and Data transmission on the VoIP conection you will get unreliable results (many claim they don’t support faxing, but they never say it can’t be done). The chances of a failure in a fax transmission over a VoIP connection increases when you send more than one page.
You may want to contact your VoIP provider and ask if faxing is supported and if any special requirements are needed to be set for faxing. Some providers may charge an additional fee for this support since they must use a different codec for faxing.

Some of the No Dial tone, Busy etc. errors can be corrected by turning off Detect Dial tone options in WinFax. You may also have to limit the sending (transmission) speed to 9600 or lower. ECM for sending and receiving may also need to be turned off.

Also, fax modems are analog devices, so like a regular telephone, you may need to attach a DSL filter on the fax modem (this is assuming you are using DSL and are not using “Dry Loop” DSL.). If you are not using DSL this would not apply to you.