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@munnybunni wrote:

i installed winfox 10.0 today at home and i have the controller icon in the taskbar.

when someone sends a fax, it goes directly to my fax machine…..the MESSAGE MANAGER LINE STATUS pop up does not pop up to show i am receiving a fax….nor does the fax go to win fax …it goes directly to printer….have i not done the right thing along the way

please help me i do it at work but cant remember how i make it go to winfax only and not printer. ??? ??? 🙁

What is happening is your fax printer is taking control of the fax call before WinFax has a chance to process it. You have to stop the fax printer from answering the call when WinFax (your computer fax modem) is trying to receive a fax.

You have a few options,

1. disconnect the All-In-One Fax printer from the same telephone line, so all faxes go to WinFax (when the computer is on, and WinFax is active in receive mode)

2. Set the All-In-One Fax printer to answer calls at a value larger then WinFax, for example, WinFax answers calls in 2 rings and the All-In-One Fax Printer answers calls in 5 rings. You may also have to set the fax printer to only answer Fax calls , and not determine if calls are voice. See your fax printer manual for details on Answering modes.

In most cases you can share two fax devices on the same telephone line, but it is not usually recommended because of these types of problems.