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Its possible this is a flow control problem, it can generate this error in WinFax while sending faxes. It usually occurs during the sending of multiple pages, where the error might appear after the 2nd page.

If you find this only occurs with a specific recipient, it may be a problem with compatibility with your fax modem and the fax device the recipient is using, in some cases the solution might be to disable hardware flow control and adjust speed settings for sending (9600BPS). The only problem with this is it will effect all the faxes you send, so you might want to try one change such as disabling hardware flow control and see if it solves the problem while still allowing you to send faxes to other recipients without error.

I’d suggest posting more info on your current fax modem setup, along with the type of fax modem you are using. If you have any details on the fax device the recipient is using, you can post those details too.