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Yes, I was referring to a printer or fax modem that connects to the USB ports.

You can try the following with the current installation of WinFax.

Start WinFaxToolsFull.exe

1. Click WinFax Service Options, click DISABLE WinFax Service. Click Yes if prompted to disable startup in Windows.
1. Run No Pages Fix, click Yes to options.
2. Click Logs & Phonebooks, click Rebuild Logs & Phonebooks. Click Yes. Select Status.wfb file from the list of files and click OK/Open.
3. Click Modem Settings. Click Yes to close. Click Modems.
What is listed here? Modem Name and Com Port?
Click the modem listed. Click PROPERTIES
Click QUERY MODEM. Wait. Once Completed, click VIEW LOG.
Copy & Paste the details here in the next post.