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there is no version difference listed. Perhaps it has not installed properly? There were 3 updates I have installed. The first 2 have given me an unzipped message and then followed with the installation. The third update, the conexant driver, gave me an unzipped message but did not follow with an installation procedure like the other 2. I did however, then get some “new hardware installed” popups.

No, I have not reinstalled winfax since attempting to do the modem updates. Is this a recommended procedure?

In my quest for an alternative fax program, Omnirush was installed as a trial along with other apps. The only one I was not able to sucessfully uninstall was omnirush as I am prompted with an error of “can not load dll “c/docume…” in the add/remove dialogue” – will resolving this issue put an end to my winfax troubles….