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I am not sure what files you installed since the files presented depend on what information you enter on the Dell page, you may have installed the same driver you already have installed, plus the modem on hold utilities/diagnostic or digital line testing utility.This is the file that is the latest (for Windows XP) I could find on Dell’s Web site:


Title: Communications: Conexant 56K V.9x DFVc Modem,D850 56K V.9X PCI DF Modem ULD Driver
Version : A04
OEM name : Conexant
OEM Version: Drv32_7.67.0.50
Computers : Inspiron Desktop: 530, 530S, 531, 531S; OptiPlex: 320, 330, 740, 745, 745c, 755; Precision: 390, 490, 690, T3400, T5400, T7400; Vostro Desktop: 200, 400, 410, Vostro 100
OSes : Windows XP Home Edition,Windows XP Media Center Edition,Windows XP Professional
Languages : Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
Created : Friday, May 30, 2008

Confirm that your PC is on the list above.
After the update is applied, you will see that the ATI3 and ATI4 command results (when you run a Modem query like before) have changed, and should reflect the new version information ( = new, 7.0.6 = current)

I am not familiar with Omnirush , if an uninstall failed, then its possible some programs that it may start with Windows are active. You should contact the developers of Omnirush to see if there is some method to remove the program, or try reinstalling Omnirush and then uninstalling it. That sometimes works

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