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I’d recommend you “Disable” it first.
Control Panel. Modems, select the modem, click Properties.
At the bottom, you should see “Device Usage”
with two options : Use this device (enable) , and Do not Use this device (disable)
Select “Do not use this device (disable)”

What does this do? it keeps your internal modem installed, but tells the computer to not load the drivers for it – it just ignores it.

Once you’ve done that, reboot the computer and make sure when it boots up again that the modem still shows “Not functional” or “Disabled”.

You can then go ahead and install the external modem following the directions of the manufacturer.

Once you’ve determined the new modem is working you can then start the process to physically remove the old one by first going to the DEVICE MANAGER. To do this click START, RUN and then type:


and press OK.

Now find the old Modem in the list of hardware, it will be under Modems. Select the modem you want to remove and then right-click and select “Uninstall” Once you’ve done that, the modem should be gone and now you shut the computer down, and physically open the computer and remove the modem from the PCI slot. When you boot up again, the modem should no longer appear as a device and only the external modem is detected as an available modem.