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The status of the faxes shows an hour-glass. When you click on them, it shows “fax waiting to be sent” in the details tab at the top left of the details pane. Our test method was to open word….type some words, and then choose print to fax. When the win fax dialogue comes up, we enter the telephone number. We then press send and the fax goes to the out box instead of leaving right away. If I look at the system tray icon, it shows the win fax icon with a small red x through it. After waiving my mouse pointer over the system tray icon, I see a balloon message that says “winfaxpro was unable to send one of your messages”. After that, I open the win fax message manager and choose “send now” to send the fax that is sitting in the outbox. The fax sends with no error and is received by the other fax machine with no issues. The other details listed for the fax, show “Thursday, December 7, 2006 at 5:45:44pm. 1 page(s) fine resolution. I hope this is enough info!