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@jeff wrote:

Why is it so hard to find a modem that workd well with Winfax 10.2.
I would like to buy a controller PCI Modem. The only one I can find is the USR Pro modem. However, the reveiews I read is are not so good.
I have XP V2.
I rather not use an external modem because I don’t have a Serial port.
What is the best PCI modem to use.

The number of manufacturers of modems have declined over the past few years. In the 90s, there were hundreds of different manufacturers you could choose from. Today, many of those companies are gone or merged with others. Hayes, Practical Peripherials, Zoom , etc…are all gone.

You might want to check eBay for an older PCI type modem that supports the Rockwell chipset. Those work best with WinFax PRO.