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Thanks for your reply. i include information from the modem. maybee you can tell me if it can be use to send fax with FaxPro 10.3 .

When i query the modem form the program he recognize the modem for fax at 14400

thanks for your help

Radio Frequency:

Band Class 0: 800MHz ( Cellular )
(RX: 869 ~ 894MHz TX: 824 ~ 849MHz)

Band Class 1: 1900 MHz ( PCS )
(RX: 1851 ~ 1910 MHz TX: 1931 ~ 1990 MHz)
Data Options:

Packet data (1x and EVDO Revision 0), ASYNC data, Quick Net Connect
Data Rate:
IS-707 AT command set and extended
AT command set
IS-683C compliant