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Assuming that Email Integration is TURNED on and working for your email program (Outlook Express)

1 Start Program Setup.(Tools, Program Setup)

2 In the list, double click Notification and Forwarding. The Notification and Forwarding Properties dialog appears.

3 In the list of folders, click the Receive Log.

4 Click New. The New Notification and Forwarding Rule wizard starts, and the Rule Type panel appears.

5 On the Rule Type panel, click to select the type of rule you want to set up. Choose from the following:

Forward Rule

WinFax will forward new faxes to you.

Notification Rule

WinFax will notify you when new faxes are received.

Click Next. The Choose Event panel appears.

6 In the Rule Name field, type a descriptive name to help you identify this rule in the future (for example, “Notify my cellular telephone ruleâ€