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@pmarsh wrote:

I know you can hold the entire queue but is it possible to hold selected faxes or make a folder where they can be held? My customer runs multiple companies from one WinFax system. He’ll be doing a large amount of work with WinFax for one company (sending) but does not want the traffic to interfere with the regular flow of faxes for the other businesses. I was thinking it might be possible to set up a folder to hold the faxes for business A and send them out after hours. Another solution might be to configure WinFax for a second line??? Is it possible to config WinFax to use a second line and do I want to do it knowing it’s just going to cause problems for WinFax??? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I believe you can hold the CONTROL key and select multiple faxes in the outbox, then right click HOLD.

And yes you can configure WinFax to use a 2nd phone line, so all the faxes you send can use the 2nd phone line only.