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@pmarsh wrote:

I think the holding the queue and manually releasing idea is going to be an issue, why well because they’re users..

Do you have any details, how-tos, infomation regarding adding a second line? I can just see how much fun this is going to be, WinFax has issues just running one modem never mind a second. :O

If you can install a 2nd modem in the computer, it shouldn’t be a problem. The only suggestion is to obtain a different modem. If you currently have an internal modem installed, try getting the 2nd modem to be an external serial modem.

Getting the same modem installed isn’t a good idea for WinFax PRO, you want different models.

Once the modem is installed, you simply go into WinFax PRO modems and communications devices in setup, and configure the 2nd modem.

When you send faxes, you now have the choice to use any available modem, the first modem, or the 2nd modem.