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Thank you for responding to my post

I am using WinFax Pro 10.0. I have only been using it for the past two months now. I purchased it brand new.
I have an internal modem, Smark Link 56k Voice Modem which is also fairly new, approximately four months.

In answer to your questions, I do have a yellow control icon with a blue outline on my tray. It will receive a few faxes, then it will just stop working. The only way I know it is not working is when my clients call to tell me they cannot fax anything. There is also a stop light in the icon tray that I mentioned in my previous post that I believe has to do with the modem that tells me the port the modem is on and how many bytes in and how many bytes out. Prior to a fax being sent, the numbers are usually 0. After a fax has successfully been delivered, there are numbers for bytes in and bytes out and they do not drop down to zero. I’m not sure they are supposed to or not. I am stumped as to why all of a sudden I am having difficulty.

Hopefully you will be able to help.
Thank you.