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@nyrak wrote:

hiya this is my 1st post sorry if query previously covered. have upgraded computer to xp so had to upgrade winfax pro 10 to version 10.3. Programme works 99% of time BUT ocassionally fax message appears to “get lost”. I scan item to be faxed from scanner straight to winfax programme but nothing happens. winfax does not start up, scanner completes as if all ok, message not in winfax outbox or anywhere else. Sometimes starts working ok if computer restarted but other times I’ve had to uninstall winfax and reinstall it, but this is such a pain.
Any advice would be great


How do you initiate the scan process? in WinFax there is an option to “Scan and Send” or “Scan and File”, when you do one of these, your scanner software should start up and then you start scanning. Once you are finished, you need to exit the scanning software and WinFax will then take over and either 1) show the send screen (for scan and send) or 2) show a dialog box where you can save the attachment file (scan and file) . You’ll notice in the background when your scanner software is up, there is a little dialog box that shows you how many pages WinFax has received. This is good to know iif everything is working after you scan a page.