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i’m having this same problem. I select “print” but it only gives me the XP fax program not winfax. I will try to attach a txt file to see if that works. I don’t even see where the command is works IS to fax threw winfax.

Microsoft’s fax driver for Windows XP is named “Fax” and WinFax is named “WinFax” and “WinFax (Photo Quality)”

print to one of the WinFax drivers, and the WinFax Send Dialog should appear (if WinFax is properly installed and working)

it doesn’t. at all. I can load winfax, but it doesn’t seem that i can attach anything. Should i re-install?

I remember when i installed winfax, that i had to start the computer in safe mode to install it because the setup.exe file wouldn’t work.