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@Moderator wrote:

if the winfax drivers don’t appear as printers, then Winfax has not been properly installed.

you can’t attach, or send faxes (other than winfax cover pages) if the winfax printer driver does not exist.

your so F*ing helpfull. Thanks SO MUCH!!!

So i guess i should try a re-install.

I’ve been threw HELL with this issue. The doctor that asked me to do this just bought a BRAND NEW computer for this. and it came with VISTA.

I had to uninstall everything (first i had to extract the hard drive and install xp from another computer.) then i had to play with the BIOS to get it to recognize the new HD, in reinstall all the drivers. And i just THOUGHT i was almost done.

looking back i guess i didn’t have to uninstall everything, because i thought it wouldn’t work with vista. because i was able to install it but i kept getting the “no carrier” message. Maybe it WOULD have worked with vista.

this explains why i can’t attach anything.