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@ahimon wrote:

I just installed Winfaxpro. I have optonline with telephone service running through thier modem and coax cable (VOIP). Both my phone service and the computer are using the same phone line/number. I have no problem sending faxes and have received faxes before but can’t now. I have disabled my voice mail and when the fax comes in winfax opens the incomming call window, I can see the picture of the fax machine but, the call shows as a phone call not a ripped page fax call. Then after a minute the call is dropped and I get a message stating data exchange or handshake failed. This happens wheather or not I have the system pickup automatically or I do it manually. I do not have call discriminating ability. Please help 😀 !

Contact your VoIP service provider and ask them if their service is compatible with data/fax. In most cases, many VoIP services have problems with data transmission and this includes fax.

You or your service provider may need to make some changes to the VoIP configuration, or you might have to limit the sending and receiving speed in WinFax to 9600 bps or lower.

Some people have reported that fax and data transmission does work over VoIP, but others have not been able to accomplish this. I guess the connection is only as good as your ISP.