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Thanks for the reply.

The fax on the WinFax machine says “No answer on last attempt”, on the fax machine it gets an error “Comm.Error” (the documentation for the fax machine just says this means the communication was disconnected, send the fax again).

The host is Windows XP running WinFax 10.0 (I know this version does not officially support xp but I couldn’t get hold of a later version. The “Reconfiguring Windows XP security settings” on symantec’s site got around this problem)

Modem is a speed com+ v90/56k usb modem. The fax machine is a Canon FAX-L100.

We currently have 9 other WinFax host with the same version of WinFax on but running Windows 98, which all send fine to this fax machine.

Thanks for all your help.