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You might want to check with Corel, or your dealer regarding Word Perfect and compatibility with WinFax PRO 8.0. If you can’t print to any Windows printer driver with Word Perfect, then you’ve got some Word Perfect problem and it is not limited to WinFax PRO. I know older versions of Word Perfect used to have specific Word Perfect Printer drivers, and you could use either the Word Perfect drivers or the Windows based drivers. You might need to set Word Perfect to use Windows drivers only. I really don’t know if this is applicable to the X3 version of WP. I haven’t used Word Perfect since the DOS days of WP 6.0, so I can’t really assist you there. Also, it may be that the Service Pack 1 update for X3 really only fixed the initializing printer problem with WinFax PRO 10 (or later) versions so it may not apply to WinFax PRO 8.0.

Also to keep in mind, WinFax PRO 8.0 is old (released 1997) and pre-dates Windows XP (and even Windows 2000), and I wouldn’t recommend it for use with Windows XP/2000. The oldest version of WinFax PRO that you can use (at least with some reliability) with Windows XP is WinFax PRO 9.02. The latest version is available from Symantec is 10.04

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