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By direct response, I can print to both the 100×100 and 200×100 (Photo Quality) drivers – and both bring up the Send dialog as expected.

The issue is that after the Send dialog comes up, and I use the Message Manager to choose another event from which I want to retrieve a page to “print” from the WinFax Viewer (as WinFax doesn’t allow two ‘Send’ windows to be open concurrently), the expected page:

a) appears to be printed / spooled from within the Viewer;
b) doesn’t appear within the Send dialog;
c) attempts to close the Send window to start the process again freezes WinFax apps with a ‘Cancel Send’ dialog box with the text ‘Please wait…’ in it and no other actionable buttons or window controls

The workaround I’ve since developed is to log off the user and log on. This is better than rebooting, though not by much …