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We’ve tested this and can’t reproduce this problem.

Did you update to WinFax PRO 10.04 from a WinFax PRO 10.03 version? are you using 10.04 for Fax Sharing on a network with only Windows XP SP2 machines, otherwise, you should not be using this version.

Are you printing the same fax from the viewer to the WinFax photo quality printer driver when the send dialog is open? Have you tried other fax pages from the viewer? Does it hang after a specific amount of pages? We’ve tried 30-60 pages without problems (v10.03 Windows XP SP2)

Are you using the WinFax “Mini” Viewer?

Have you tried “Insert Fax” from Logs instead? (This option is available from the Send Dialog box and does not involve printing to the driver)