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I understand you check for tmp files, but check again in the following folders:

WinFax Data folder (Click Help, About to determine the WinFax data folder that is being used)
Do you have any .tmp files in this data folder? such as 2157TMP.TMP, 2516TMP.TMP, 2467010.TMP etc…etc..
If so, remove them. Do not delete .tmp FOLDERS.

Check your Windows system folder (usually WINNT or WINDOWS). Since this is a system folder, you may have to “unhide” it to review the files in this folder. If using search, make sure you check the options to show hidden and system files.
Do you have any wfxdrvxx.tmp or wfxsemxx.tmp files? (where xx = 00 through 99)
If so, remove them.

Try again adding pages to the open send dialog box by printing from the viewer.

If those two steps above didn’t resolve the problem, then how many files do you have in WinFax’s data folder? (approx.)

How many .FXD (WinFax image) type files do you have in this folder? (approx)