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Since you could not get any RING message on the Internal Modem, I’d suggest repeating the Hyperterminal test, but performing it on the U.S. Robotics External Modem . To make sure you’re communicating with the US Robotics modem ,type in commands such as ATi3 press enter, and ATi4 press enter, you should get a large amount of data displayed and information that should clearly present it as the U.S. Robotics modem. (Lights will flicker as well, so you know its communicating with the external modem)

Now, dial your fax line number. You should see the LED blink when it detects the incoming call AND you should see RING on the HyperTerminal screen.

Do you see RING in Hyperterminal when you dial your line with another phone?

If you do not see RING — Then you’ve got a phone line problem, since both modems fail to detect incoming calls. I’d check your incoming line for other hardware devices that may be conflicting with telephone line. Are you using a standard telephone line? Do you have an answering machine that answers the calls first and then routes the fax calls? Do you have a multi-line phone system? Did you disconnect the fax machine that you intended to leave on the same line when you performed these tests?

also, is the light solid on for AA for the US Robotics External Modem? some U.S Robotic modems can be set to auto-answer all calls by setting DIP Switch #5 to OFF. It should be set ON to not auto-answer calls (check your documentation)

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