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You if do not yet have WinFaxToolsFull.exe then you need to download WinFaxToolsFull.exe from the Premium Downloads area

Password details here:

Download link here:

Since you updated to version 10.04, you need to ensure that the previous version was 10.03. This can be confirmed by using WinFax Tools to display the release version. In WinFax tools, click on WinFax Info. If WinFax info doesn’t display 10.03 then this may be a problem.

If 10.03 is displayed, then continue with the following:

1. For backup purposes, make a copy of the WinFax installation folder and copy it to a temporary folder. (In WinFax tools, click on WinFax Info to determine the WinFax installation folder, usually this is Program FilesWinFax or Program FilesSymantecWinFax)

2. In WinFax Tools, click on End all WinFax Tasks.
Choose “NO” if prompted to end Wfxswtch.exe and wfxsnt40.exe

3. Click on “Logs and Phonebooks”, Click on “Rebuild Logs and Phonebooks”
Click “Yes” when prompted if you want to rebuild logs and phonebooks.
Locate the “status.wfb” file, and click Open/OK.
WinFax will now rebuild the default send and receive logs.

4. Once finished rebuilding the logs, click on “Start Controller” button to Start WinFax. If the Controller does not start, you may need to reboot the computer to restart the Controller/WinFax.

If all goes well, the faxes in your outbox should be released and continue to send.