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@Moderator wrote:

OK, if you are looking at the Send Confirmation dialog box, and you see the “print the first page only, or multiple pages, one per page, two per page, four per page” window, then your registry key for this dialog box is incorrect, or possibly corrupt.

Here is what the incorrectly displayed dialog box with the missing “Printer Setup” and incorrect fax pages selection looks like:

Yes, that’s what it looks like. Resetting the first key to zero made the print setup button reappear and the fax pages setup part disappear. And I was able to change it to my new printer.

Actually, that setting of the registry key is something that I did some time ago, per instructions on the Symantec site, in order to make Winfax print out the image of a fax along with the send confirmation. I’ll probably set it back that way.

It seems like rather odd program design for that particular feature to have to be configured through a Windows registry key and even odder for the printer setup to go away when the key is set that way. They could have designed it like the “On Receive” key, where both the page printing settings and the printer settings appear.

Thank you very much for your help.