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In the send dialog box, there is an option to choose which device (modem) you are going to use. By default, the option is “First Available”, which in your case, will be the Fax Sharing Host. This is where the send will go all the time, unless you change it.

When you send the fax, you click on the schedule button, and you can select the device you want to use. (Your fax modem). That fax will then go directly to the modem for sending, not the Fax Sharing Host. You can also use the “Send By” menu option to select the device to use.

Unfortunately, this setting doesn’t stick, and you have to do this each time you want to send a fax (or group of faxes) (because First Available will be set to default, and that is always the Fax Sharing Host)

This is something that was overlooked, because you can configure specific devices for receiving, but you can’t for sending faxes.

I haven’t looked at if its possible, but there might be a way to reverse it so the Fax Modem is your first device.