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Your description of the problem looks correct… and LiveUpdate no longer works.

So, what are my options?

It would be nice to get my hands on the complete file set for the manual update method mentioned in the Symantec link (above).

I **DO** have all the updated files, though. When I upgraded to XP, I installed on a fresh hard drive and kept the old NT C: drive intact. A diff on the directories shows a boatload of changed dll’s, cfg’s, ftg, fti, and whatnot. It would be easy if this problem was caused by a single dll, for example, and (if I knew which it was) I could just copy it over. Usually, though, such files have to be kept in sych.

I wonder how safe it would be to just copy all the files over to the new install. Might be OK… but possible registry entries could be a problem. Unless you have another suggestion, I might have to try that. Worst case, it breaks and I uninstall/re-install and try something else.

An aside, this is one reason why I generally don’t like the Live Update type of thing. While it’s nice and easy, it decreases your independence from the vendor. I’d rather get the file updates independently… which I would have burned to an archive… and would be able to “get myself back where I was”. (Thanks for letting me get that off my chest… I feel better now.)

Thank you for your continued time and interest in my problem.

Out of curiosity … why did Symantec drop this product? It sure has been a good one for me and I don’t see where another product came along and knocked them out of this market slot.