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@Moderator wrote:

you might have updated TW using a patch downloaded from Symantec. It might still be on your system, search for that TW*.exe file or another called patch.exe

Yea, I thought of that, too. Even searched some old archive cd’s I keep… but no joy. I hate live update. I even spent quite a bit of time searching the internet… you never know what’s laying around out there… still no luck.

Haven’t heard from Symantec, either… they’ll probably just ignore me.

So, my only option looks like trying to move files from my old NT install to the new XP. A global copy didn’t work (thought it was BASIC, not PRO… see above). Any idea why that happened?

If I could circumvent it, maybe I can get a working(Y2K compatible) system. There are a lot of different files between the systems… if I knew more, maybe just a select few would do the trick.