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So, there I was standing in the shower thinking about my stupid TalkWorks problem and it suddenly dawned on me that, at the time of the Y2K update, I was running the program on a different computer… which had long ago been moved down to the basement for my kids to use.

Even though it was never hooked up to a phone line, I had not uninstalled TW… and, per your advice, FOUND a 6.6MB patch.exe dated 7/99.

Copied it to my current system, ran it, and VOILA… TW2.03 … and notification WORKS!

While I might have found the twXXXX file had it been present since it was mentioned on the Symantec page, I wouldn’t have looked for the patch.exe file had you not mentioned it.

Many thanks to the GetFaxing.com Staff… and YOU, Mr. Moderator, are DA MAN! I love the internet and GREAT forums like this.

Thanks again for all your help!

[Going to burn the patch to cd right now!]