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@alex123 wrote:

Thank you again for your reply,

I am using the macro that came together with Winfax Pro.

From the top menu I went: Tools >> Macro Installer and the used the “Symantec Macro Installer”


sometimes this can occur because of one of two reasons:
1) there is no fax number , or name for the record WinFax is processing. (make sure all your Excel records contain a name and fax number)
2) a timing problem during the processing between Word and WinFax caused the record to hang, requiring a restart a WinFax. (there is no fix for this issue when using the WinFax supplied macros)

One option would be to use the GetFaxing Microsoft Word macros. There are many features above what is included with the WinFax supplied macro, including checks to help prevent the error you are encountering
(trial is limited to 5 fax merges at a time)