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Hi there

Thanks for the response, I was able to get my hands on 10.03 while you were writing that response, and after a stock install it is still doing the exact same thing (No working SEND button, no print-to-WinFax integration working)

I followed your instructions. Went to WF Message Manager, hit send and the send screen came up.

I then decided to go to Word to see if I can print a document to Winfax while Message Manager was closed. A popup came up and said the User could not use Winfax privileges (or something like that). I then decided to open Message Manager first and tried printing to WF from Word. A progress bar in the bottom window/document bar said “printing in background” and nothing. Now the controller will not close again, but I don’t see Winfax running in the processes. It’s there, but does not say running or automatic – nothing beside it.

Any more assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. We’ve been at this all day! Thanks.