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Thanks, but none of that helped. I know WinFax pretty well, having used it for 10 years. I know that last time this happened, it was resetting the registry that helped, but now it’s not a supported product by Symantec.

Any ideas on how to do the registry settings?

What version of WinFax PRO and Windows are you using?

there are a lot of registry settings in WinFax. Finding which specific registry setting (if any) that is corrupt depends exactly where the problem exists. Usually, running WTNSETUP will rebuild any missing settings. It may not properly repair an existing setting that is corrupt. The maintenance tool in WinFax PRO 9/10 does allow you to “reset” some registry keys.

Do you have the printer driver installed? I assume you do, since you wouldn’t be able to print to WinFax in any other application.

What happens when you click on FILE, PRINT and select WinFax as the printer? Does the Send Dialog box appear? Does only the cover page (if selected) appear with the printed document missing from the view in the Send dialog box?

Yes, a send dialog box shows up when I print to WinFax. It just doesn’t show a document except the cover sheets.