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The controller is the yellow icon that appears in the system tray (bottom right corner of Windows)
WinFax supports multiple location setups, so you need to ensure your selected Location matched the location where you setup the credit card and dialing settings.

I suggest you add some fax numbers in a WinFax PRO phonebook, and then try sending faxes using those fax numbers, this will confirm if it is working or not directly from WinFax.

Make sure your country code, area code and fax numbers are located in the proper fields. Otherwise, you will have problems with dialing.

For All calls to USA and Canada

Country Code : 1 (for US and Canada)
Area Code : 3 digit area code
Fax Number: 7 digit fax number

In dialing setup (for USA and Canada)

Country Code : 1
Long Distance Access: 1
International Access: 011
Area Code : 3 digit (your area code)

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