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Tried going to various GetFaxing sites, but could not read any of them using Firefox 3. Could not even send a msg to support to advise of such because couldn’t complete the various fields such as email address, I think is what is missing. Problem is text overlaying text and fields.


If I haven’t mentioned it before I’m using WFP with a US Robotics external modem – Sportster V90.

The init string reads:

Can you recommend a change such as changing it to be more tolerant of poor line quality. or any other suggestions?

Have had my line and the distant line checked by the phone co. and am told they are fine. Also the 2 companies I fax to usually with difficulty say they have no difficulties with other faxes, only me! And as I recall their fax machines are only a couple of years old. And I fax to 20 other companies without difficulty.