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I tried to ring the modem but I do not know if I did it right. Can you give me step by step directions on how to test my modem using hyper terminal, PLEASE!
I am using 10.02 with XP (genuine copy of xp)
my modem is an Intel ep.

Extra initiation string for windows modem

Initiation string sequence from the settings in winfax

Modem class in winfax is class 14,but it as the capability for class 2 and 2.0.

From what I was reading for Modemhelp.net, the extra string plus modifying the registry made distinctive ring work for this modem. But still before that and after that, automatic receive still would not work. Oh ,I do have filters from my phone company provided them.

What is the best modem to use with xp and winfax.BUT form Modemhelp.net this worlks.HELP ME PLEASE!?!?!!!!!!