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I have used WinFax software for several years. Currently I have WinFax 4.0. I recently had to switch to another computer which is running with Windows XP Professional, service pack 3. I have installed a Smartlink 56K modem(voice, fax and data) on Com3.

I have installed the WinFax software and all seems to be working well with the exception of “receiving” any fax. Sending is not a problem. I have carried out all of the tests that I know of on the modem and all comes out positive. I installed another fax software(more simply than WinFax) on the system to test the modem for both fax sending and receiving. That software worked perfectly. I have checked all of the settings numerous times and can see nothing unusual or problematic. I am at a complete loss as to why the software is not receiving fax as it should. I should mention that it worked well on the other computer which had the same setup.

Any help with this problem is most welcome

Bill C.