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Windows XP Pro SP2

Internal PCI modem

ok, your modem actually appears to be a “Smart Link” modem. The drivers you have installed are older version, for pre-Windows XP SP2.

More info here:


Updated drivers: Smartlink last released updated driver version 4.20.01 for Windows 95/98, Me, XP & 2k as of June 2005. These drivers support V.92, V.90 and lower protocols. The new drivers may address some XP-SP2-related problems (see bottom of page). The new driver provides improved V.92 support, and provides modem-on-hold within the driver – there is no separate applet. MoH is controlled from Windows Control Panel->V.92 Applet or via AT commands. The drivers are not digitally signed which may result in a warning when installing the driver – you should continue anyway. If you install a 4.xx version driver on an XP system without service pack 2, and then install service pack 2, Windows will revert back to an old (buggy, but digitally signed) 3.80.01 version – the latest driver will need to be re-installed after upgrading to XP Service Pack 2. Starting with driver versioon 4.00.07, the modem drivers are installed in the system32driverssldrv folder instead of system32drivers.

Since you are using 3.80.01 version, you probably want to try using this later release 4.20.01

version 4.20.01 is available in our premium support area: or you can download elsewhere on SmartLinks site.



It seems to work much better with the new drivers.