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Although yes, during the many trials that I did, I could hear the dialing process, and had tried to fax to other faxes. But I had not tried to fax to a phone. Now I did just what you suggested, and tried to “fax” my cell phone. This worked just fine: my cell phone (which has a different – long distance – area code then my home phone) received the call.
Just now, I tried once again my friend’s Fax: same thing as yesterday: many beeps, then the “grumbling”, and then the sending window disappears and try again a few minutes later, as programmed.

I use Winfax 10.0, and as previously mentioned Windows XP Home.

Sure I am also somewhat reluctant to reinstalling, since nothing changed in my computer: the problem stayed exactly the same before and after I restore my computer to a previous date, a date when the Fax worked fine.

In the past years I did not use it very often, and since the phone modem was installed on my computer my husband and I used the same one. But since my husband died last summer, and because I live quite far from a big city, I need it much more now, and most of all, I have saved as attachments so many important papers that are always required: I do not always send them as Faxes, sometimes I just need to print them. But scanning all those again would take me so much time! If ever I could not recover them, it would be a huge task.

Thanks again so much for your help!