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You wrote: “That “grumbling” you hear is likely the record voice message (operator) telling you to dial an area code or long distance number. Its possible that your local area code and dialing settings within WinFax have changed.
I followed your advise and went to the ” Tools, Program Setup, Dialing & Locations” and checked.
I noticed that my area code was there, but not the rest of my phone number. (My Fax and home phone number are the same).
I thought: “Yep! that must have been the problem!”
And tried again!
🙁 Did not work.

Now I just had the idea of trying not to use the data from any phonebook, but to enter everything manually right when trying to send a new fax… and it worked!!! 😀

So I guess now, everything comes back to my first post: What is wrong with the phone books all of a sudden?
Assuming that I do not need two separate folders, one for me and one for my husband, still, the one that did not generate the “disk error”, the default “My phonebook”, does not seem to be working too well either.

I thank you so much, I guess if you keep helping me we’ll come to it and I shall be soooooo grateful!