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Do you have any other devices (such as fax machines) connected on the same phone line? If so, disconnect them and try receiving a fax.

Also, when a fax is received, do you see the status dialog appear “Answering” the call?

Is there any error or failed event entry in the Receive Log? Usually this will be displayed with a red “X” and it will indicate an error message in the Information area.

In the WinFax receive setup, How many Rings do you have set to answer the call? If you have this set to 1, set it to 2 or more rings.

Also, version 10.04 is an update patch for version 10.03 users that are using Fax Sharing. If you upgraded to 10.04, you need to ensure your previous version was 10.03. (The update will cause problems on installs of 10.0, 10.01, or 10.02)