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Thanks for your reply.

The log supplied in Post number 5 is only a portion of the full log which I thought would be too long to post. I can post the log if it would be helpful to diagnose the problem.

The drivers for the modem are the most up to date available for Windows XP. I have not tried replacing the modem. As stated in post number 1, I loaded the Fax Console from Windows and tried it with the modem. I was able to send and receive faxes without any problems. I assumed then that the modem was working properly and the problem seemed to be with Winfax.

I accessed the debug mode found in the URL you provided and ran the “Symdiag.exe” file. It produced 15 pages of data much of which seems to be repetitive. However I am not a software technician and if there was a problem in the data listed I would not be able to recognize it. Is there anything in particular I should look for in the data listing that I could post?

Although my modem worked with the Windows Fax Console should I try another anyway? Any particular brand name you could suggest that might work?

I appreciate any additional help you can provide.