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There are no USB type modems that have Rockwell type chipsets, original Rockwell type chipsets are found in older modems usually mid-late 90s models. I’d avoid USB type modems for use with WinFax, but in this case, you have no choice since the ASUS EEE does not have internal slots, or external serial ports. There are USB->Serial adapters, but I am not aware of they work well (or at all) with serial modems in Windows.

Its possible the errors you’re encountering have nothing to do with the fax modem, and with the setup (and how) you are sending the faxes. What are you sending? Is it a merge using Word macros? from what application? What applications are open and running while you are sending these faxes? What was the exact error message? It is a blue screen (BSOD) error ?